Ortho-chloro Toluene: High-quality Chemicals For Diverse Industries

Posted by Admin on September, 30, 2023

Chemicals play a vital role in various industries and serve as the building blocks for countless processes and products. Ortho-chloro toluene a chlorinated derivative of toluene is one such chemical that finds its applications in numerous sectors such as Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the production of speciality chemicals. It is important to find a reliable Ortho-chloro Toluene Supplier, who can ensure the quality and consistency of this essential chemical compound.

Understanding Ortho-chloro toluene

Ortho-chloro toluene is also known by its chemical formula, C7H7Cl. It is a colourless or pale yellow liquid with a distinct aromatic order. It is a derivative of toluene that is obtained from coal tar or crude oil. It is produced through the chlorination of toluene where chlorine atoms replace some of the hydrogen atoms in the toluene molecule.

The chemical compound which is formed is highly versatile. It also serves as a key intermediate in the synthesis of various products. It is reactive and its other unique properties make it an essential component in the manufacturing process of various industries. You can also check about its properties from a reputed Ortho-chloro Toluene Supplier.

What are the Applications of Ortho-chloro toluene?


It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector as an initiating agent in the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds. It is also used in the drug manufacturing process to create a wide range of medications, such as antibiotics, analgesics and other anti-inflammatory drugs.


It is a popularly used chemical in the agrochemical industry. It is used to produce insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. These compounds then protect the crops from pests and diseases while increasing the agricultural yield.

Specialty Chemicals

It is also a part of speciality chemicals manufacturing, such as pigments, dyes, and fragrances. It is an indispensable component due to its unique chemical properties and is used in the formulation of these products.


Due to its great solvency, it is used as a solvent in different industrial processes. It is an ideal choice for dissolving and blending other chemicals.


This chemical acts as an intermediate while producing other chemicals such as resins, coatings, and plasticisers which are further employed in a variety of applications.

Tips to Choose the Right Ortho-chloro toluene Supplier

While choosing an Ortho-chloro Toluene Supplier, make sure to consider several factors to ensure the procurement of high-quality products to meet industrial standards.

  • A reputable Ortho-chloro Toluene Supplieralways adheres to stringent quality and control, measures and guarantees the purity and consistency of the chemical. Look for suppliers who comply with relevant industry regulations and offer robust quality management systems in place.
  • Always look for suppliers who produce and transport the chemical. They should alsThe supplier should be reliable mainain production schedules and meet customer demand. Always choose a supplier with a proven track. Record of consistency and timely delivery.
  • Look for pre- and post-sales support. Look for suppliers offering technical support as and when needed addressing any of your queries and concerns at any point in time.
  • Look for suppliers who adhere to environmentally friendly practices. They should also have any shit in practice for reducing the environmental impact of producing these chemicals.
  • While quality is of utmost importance, pricing is also a factor. Compare different suppliers to ensure you are getting a fair price without compromising on the quality.
  • Check for suppliers who offer quality packaging and handling practices. This is important to meet the safety standards and minimise any risk of spillage or leakage during transport and storage.

Overall, ortho-chlorotoluene is a versatile, chemical, compound, that has a wide range of applications across different industries. It is important to select a reliable ortho-chloro toluene supplier for the quality and consistency of the chemical. This will also ensure that the chemical used in various industries is of high quality and that the end products are not compromised in terms of effectiveness.

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